Cartoons between the political and the personal

September 20 2018

The Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for Upper Secondary Schools launched this year’s topic, “Drawing as a form of expression”, with an event at the Chapter Festival in Stavanger, at 6 p.m. on Thursday, 20 September.

Meet three comic strip creators who, in different ways, use personal feelings to promote political messages. Ellen Ekman, Ali Dorani and Khalid Albaih will have seven minutes each to talk about how they work as comic strip creators, and what messages they want to put across.

Finally, comic strip critic and journalist Erle Marie Sørheim will chair a discussion about the distinction between the personal and the political in comic strips.

Ellen Ekman is known to many for her comic strip “Little Berlin”. The strip has won a number of prizes for its portrayal of urban hipsters.

Ali Dorani is an Iranian illustrator and comic strip creator and an asylum writer in Stavanger. He started drawing when interred at the strongly criticised Australian refugee camp on Manus Island.

Khalid Albaih uses drawings as political statements. He is best known for caricatures about the current political and religious situation in the Middle East. Albaih is a Sudanese citizen, born in Romania and raised in Qatar.

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The event is being presented by Chapter in cooperation with the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition and the Association !Read

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About Kapittel:
Kapittel is a non-commercial literary festival organized in conjunction with the Stavanger public library since 1995. One of Kapittel’s primary objectives is to thematize human rights issues and contribute to the protection of the freedom of expression of writers.