Human Rights House Foundation
Guest performance featuring a Ukrainian theatre troupe, ‘War through the eyes of Ukrainian artists’

2023 February Teater NOK 150 000

The Ukrainian play ‘Imperium delendum est’ by Lesia Ukrainka Theater of Lviv will be performed in Oslo.

“This autumn, the Lesia Ukrainka Theatre of Lviv, Ukraine, will stage the play ‘Imperium delendum est’ (translation: ‘The Empire Must Fall’), probably at the National Theatre in Oslo. The play was written in March 2022, soon after the invasion, and it is about how art can be used to process the impressions left by war”, explains Daiva Petkevičiūtė of the Human Rights House Foundation. The production is a collaboration between the Human Rights House Foundation, the Nobel Peace Centre and the Ukrainian Association. The director is Dmytro Zakhozhenko.
“This is a theatre with a long history, run by young people who see themselves as both artists and activists. Originally, they wrote the play for their own sake and in the national interest, but now it has become a message they want to share with the world, including Norway,” explains Petkevičiūtė.