How to Apply for Funding

The Fritt Ord Foundation’s new application portal is now available.

Please note: All earlier applicants and recipients must click on ‘forgot password’ to reset their password the first time they log in to the new portal. New applicants must register and create a user profile in the portal.

Click here for our general guidelines for applications.

The portal can also be used to request the payment of funds granted. Please send an email to to request the payment of funds granted if the Payout Request (Utbetalingsanmodning) is unavailable for your project

The portal can be used to submit final reports on completed projects. Please send an email to if the option «submit report» is unavailable for your project.

Go to the new portal here.

Setting up a user account

All applications must be submitted electronically online. When registering, you must specify your email address, mailing address and telephone number. If your application is granted, all further communication will take place through the applications centre. Requests for the disbursement of funds and reports shall be submitted through the applications centre as well.


If you have questions about how to submit an application or about which projects may qualify for support from Fritt Ord, please contact us by email or by telephone +47 230 14646. It is also possible to contact our staff directly.

Forgot user name or password?

Your email address is your user name on our website. If you forget your password, click on “Forgot password” on the login page. You will subsequently receive an email containing a new password. Use the new password to log in.


It takes five to eight weeks to process applications. Your application must be complete and include all required attachments.

The reply to the application will be sent directly to you by email, and a list of the applications granted will be published on the Fritt Ord Foundation’s website. The replies will be dispatched in two rounds, and those regarding applications for more than NOK 100 000 will be dispatched first. If you do not get an answer in the first round, your application may still be being processed.


Fritt Ord does not provide formal, written explanations for why an application is rejected, but if you send an email to or call +47 230 14646, you can contact our staff and ask for a conversation.

If you submit an application that is identical to a previously rejected application, it will not be reconsidered. On the other hand, it is possible to submit a new improved version of your application. You should, however, mention explicitly which parts of the application have been modified.

Your responsibility when you submit an application

Once submitted, your application is linked to your user profile, and it cannot be transferred to anyone else. If someone else is to submit the disbursement request or the final report on your project, they must be given access to your user name and password. For organisations in which several individuals work on the same project, it can be useful to have just one shared user account for the organisation.