Disbursement Requests

To receive the funding you have been granted by Fritt Ord, you must submit a disbursement request. Please note that the form for a disbursement request and the form for a final report are two separate forms.

Disbursement requests must be submitted through Fritt Ord’s application centre. You must log in to the account of the user that submitted the application – applications cannot be transferred to other users.

The funds can be disbursed a reasonable period of time before costs are incurred. It is possible to request that the allocation be disbursed immediately upon receipt of a positive reply to the application. In other words, it is not necessary to wait until the project has been completed to receive the funding. Please do not include any account details in your formal Final Report to the foundation.

If the allocation is to be divided into instalments (e.g. support for a film), the applicant must actively request the disbursement of subsequent payments. Such requests must be submitted by email.

In the event the disbursement request has not been submitted to us within one year at the latest, the allocation will be withdrawn. It is possible to request a postponement by email.

The Fritt Ord Foundation can request that the grant be refunded if the project is not carried out in accordance with the original project description.