The Fritt Ord Foundation

The Fritt Ord Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that seeks to promote freedom of expression, public debate, art and culture.

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What does Fritt Ord Fund?

Fritt Ord awards support for projects that help promote freedom of expression, public discourse, art and culture. The measures supported should contribute to the common good and be available to the public.

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How to Apply for Funding

Potential applicants must register at the Fritt Ord Application Centre. Log in to access the forms for applications, disbursement requests and reporting.

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Application Deadlines

The Fritt Ord Foundation’s various deadlines for applications in 2022

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The Fritt Ord Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that aspires to promote freedom of expression, public debate, art and culture. The projects that receive funding should benefit the Norwegian public and be accessible to all. In special cases, the Fritt Ord Foundation can help promote freedom of expression in other countries.

014 store norske leksikon 59221220200326
Store norske leksikon
Ekstrabevilgninger 2021: Skriveoppdrag til kriserammede forfattere
1153 20201117112413651367
Visjoner Teater
manusutvikling for teaterprosjektet "SPOR - Gamvik"
Hei verden
lansering av dokumentarfilmen "Hei verden" (tidligere "16")
Film, lansering
Facebook opplosning larspetterbergersen01
Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon (FFO)
Ekstrabevilgninger 2020: Fotoprosjektet "Bilder fra en pandemi"
Blyant, placeholder
Espen Klouman Høiner
manusutvikling for forestillingen "Den skinnende byen på fjellet"
Poster english
Fotograf Kyrre Lien
produksjon av kortdokumentaren "Ulv! Ulv!"
Film, produksjon
450px windmill (3024698022)
Fredrik Drevon
Norsk journalistikk: Gravereportasjen "Hvor grønt er det grønne skiftet?"
Mediehuset Minerva AS
Ekstrabevilgninger 2020: Artikkel- og podkastserien "Korona og sikkerhetsrådskandidaturet"
Nosizwe av moe chakiri 970x970
Nosizwe Baqwa
teaterprosjektet "Nosizwe - mor av en nasjon"
Ahmed Falah Al-Ogaili
Additional grants 2020: The art project "Fighting Covid-19 with drawing

City of Refuge artist Ahmed Falah Al-Ogaili has received NOK 40 000 for his art project “Fighting Covid-19 with drawing”, in which innovative graphics and street art will be used to illustrate the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and local institutions.

Espen stueland liten til nett
Espen Stueland
Additional grants 2020: Manuscript development for the book "Kontagium 2020"
Bok, manusutvikling

Espen Stueland has received NOK 75 000 to develop the manuscript for the book “Kontagium 2020” about the corona crisis and earlier literary works about pandemics and plagues.

Helsearb web
Fin Serck-Hanssen
Additional grants 2020: Photo project about health care workers during the corona pandemic

Fin Serck-Hanssen has received NOK 100 000 for a photo project about health care workers during the pandemic.

Ny tut & mediekjør
Lyder produksjoner AS
Additional grants 2020: The podcast "Tut & Mediekjør"

Lyder Produksjoner has been granted NOK 150 000 for “Tut & Mediekjør” – “a podcast for those of you who wonder how journalism is created.”

Fuglene 4
Fuglene AS
Development of the documentary film "Mina, the robbers and the Sámi Motorcycle Club"
Film, utvikling

Fuglene AS has been awarded a grant for development of the documentary film “Mina, the robbers and the Sámi Motorcycle Club”, based on the work of Martine Rand and Mina Hadjan on Robber Radio. Kari Anne Moe is the director.

Oslo Pictures AS
Development of the documentary film "Sons of Norway"
Film, utvikling

Director Tommy Gulliksen is among those responsible for the documentary film “War on Art”, in which artists in North Korea meet artists from the West.

Lapp versus same av ten thousand images 1170x777
Ten Thousand Images
Development of the documentary film "Lapp versus Sámi"
Film, utvikling

Ten Thousand Images and the director Ellen-Astri Lundby have been granted support to develop the documentary project “LAPP versus SÁMI”

Vedlegg utkastforside(418538).
Anders Nordmo Kvammen
Manuscript development of the graphic novel "Job"
Bok, manusutvikling

manuscript development of the graphic novel “Job”

Yohei Shanmugaratnam
the book project "Maelstrom - free movement and free fall in Brexit-land" by Yohei Shanmugaratnam and Line Ørnes Søndergaard - printing support and online story
Bok, manusutvikling

Writer Yohan Shanmugaratnam and photographer Line Ørnes Søndergaard were granted NOK 125 000 for the publication and online story associated with the book project "Maelstrom – Free movement and free fall in Brexit-land”.

Fatland kagge
Erika Fatland
manusutvikling av boken "Himalaya"
Bok, manusutvikling
1 goodwife 2048x2048
Anne-Stine Johnsbråten
manusutvikling og utgivelse av fotoboken "Good Wife, Wise Mother – Women in Japan"



004 ytringsfrihetsforskning 58011520161025


Fritt Ord has taken the initiative for several research projects on freedom of expression that have been conducted by various Norwegian research communities. Among other things, the studies have examined social norms and political tolerance in respect of statements, online harassment and polarisation, artistic freedom of expression and freedom of expression in the workplace.

005 dokumentarfoto 09270820190826

Documentary Photography

Over the years, Fritt Ord has worked to strengthen the position of documentary photography through special calls for applications for funding, providing ongoing support for photo books and exhibitions, and establishing projects like The Norwegian Journal of Photography.

006 bibliotek 35381320170327

Libraries, Encyclopaedia, and Houses of Literature

Fritt Ord has launched various initiatives related to the communication of knowledge and the promotion of literature, including an annual subsidy scheme earmarked for Norwegian public libraries. In 2005, the Foundation took the initiative to establish Norway’s first house of literature and, in 2010, to ensure the further operation of Store norske leksikon.

019 futurelab europe 55561520120709

International Projects

Fritt Ord takes part in a number of joint projects outside the borders of Norway, primarily related to freedom of the press, democracy building and the strengthening of organisations of civil society.

008 ungdom og studenter 08321120200212

Young People and Students

Fritt Ord offers grants for students working on master’s theses or on documentary films in fields such as human rights, journalism, freedom of expression and democracy building. It also hosts the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for Upper Secondary Schools and the Norwegian Historical Society’s competition for pupils.

009 medier og journalistikk 46041120040902

Media and Journalism

Since its inception, Fritt Ord has had media and journalism as one of its core target areas. In today’s demanding media situation, the Foundation has set up separate grant and subsidy schemes for journalists and critics.

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Books and reports published by the Fritt Ord Foundation, alone or with partners.