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The Fritt Ord Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that seeks to promote freedom of expression, public debate, art and culture.

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The Fritt Ord Foundation's grants for critics: Good Criticism 2024 - 2025

March 4 2024

The grants can be awarded to freelance critics who work in any field related to literature, art or culture. The grants are intended to result in the production of concrete, ongoing reviews throughout the year; the goal is to help improve the quality and professionalism of a number of Norwegian critics each year. The Fritt Ord Foundation would like to give more freelance critics better opportunities to pursue their profession and to spend more time cultivating it.


No Other Land

February 23 2024

The Fritt Ord Foundation is collaborating with the Human International Documentary Film Festival and Antipode Films to screen ‘No Other Land’ at Vega Scene in Oslo on Monday, 4 March 2024 at 6 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., and at Cinemateket in Oslo on Tuesday, 5 March at 4 p.m. Directors Basel Adra and Yuval Abraham, who are also the film’s protagonists, will appear live on a video link from Masafar Yatta on the West Bank both days.

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Queendom - film and talk with Agniia Galdanova and Igor Myakotin

February 23 2024

The Fritt Ord Foundation and the HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival invite the public to a screening of ‘Queendom’ and a talk with director Agniia Galdanova and producer Igor Myakotin following the screening at Vega Scene 1 in Oslo on Saturday, 9 March 2024 at 5:45 p.m. The director will introduce the film.

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Norway banned Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’. Now a book about film censorship is in the pipeline

February 23 2024

Critic and writer Johanne Elster Hanson is making her debut as an author with a book about the time when Norwegian film censorship took the world by surprise, not least the Monty Python group of comedians, by banning the ‘Life of Brian’ satire film. The author would like to track down any Norwegians who went on a film safari to Sweden in 1980 to circumvent Norwegian censorship.

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Breathing new life into investigative journalism, even in small newsrooms

February 14 2024

In recent years, Norwegian journalists have gained access to powerful tools and new methods for investigative journalism, even in small newsrooms. New types of collaboration are producing results. How has all this happened? Fritt Ord asked this question in a debate seminar on 14 February.

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A new era for investigative journalism in Norway

January 25 2024

Local and regional newspapers are now conducting the type of investigations and making discoveries that used to be expected only from major national media. How did that happen? Fritt Ord invites the public to a debate seminar at 10 a.m. on 14 February.

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The Fritt Ord Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that aspires to promote freedom of expression, public debate, art and culture. The projects that receive funding should benefit the Norwegian public and be accessible to all. In special cases, the Fritt Ord Foundation can help promote freedom of expression in other countries.

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Selected grants

Skjermbilde 2024 04 10 kl. 19.51.08
Norsk journalistikk: Artikkelserien "Sentrumskontrollørene", fjerde sesong
Skjermbilde 2023 11 29 kl. 11.51.24
DER Media as
Norsk journalistikk: DER tidsskrift - Tospråklig norsk-arabisk tidsskrift
Den skinnenes byen teater
Espen Klouman Høiner
teateroppsetningen "Made in China"
Skjermbilde 2023 11 29 kl. 10.52.41
Nora Svalheim
Turné for teateroppsetningen "Jeg er en Hedde"
Teater manu
Teater Manu
teateroppsetningen "Ned med hendene"
Toni usman
Toni Usman Produksjoner
teateroppsetningen "Dødsstraff"
Log Prosjekt og Design
Utstilling med Maria Kulikovska – "My Body is a Battlefield "
Skjermbilde 2023 03 10 kl. 18.24.55
The Norwegian Helsinki Committee
Commemoration of the war in Ukraine - exhibition and events

‘Ukraine’s struggle for freedom’ at the Albin Upp Gallery in Oslo marks one year since a full-scale invasion was mounted on 24 February 2022.

Skjermbilde 2023 03 10 kl. 18.29.00
Human Rights House Foundation
Guest performance featuring a Ukrainian theatre troupe, ‘War through the eyes of Ukrainian artists’

The Ukrainian play ‘Imperium delendum est’ by Lesia Ukrainka Theater of Lviv will be performed in Oslo.

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International Creativity Workshop AS
International Creativity Workshop AS Polish Film Week’s 10th anniversary

Polish Film Week is scheduled to take place in Moss on 26-27 August, Fredrikstad on 8-15 October, and Oslo on 20 October. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the festival, and this year Ukraine and Mexico are also included in the programme. “There will also be a Polish-Norwegian conference on the importance of culture in integration," states festival director Magdalena Tutka.

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Ordkalotten International Literature Festival
Ordkalotten International Literature Festival 2023

This year’s Ordkalotten International Literature Festival will be held in Tromsø from 9-11 November and, as always, it will focus on two main profiles – one dead and one living. This year, the authors are Sissel Solbjørg Bjugn and Herbjørg Wassmo and the theme is ‘Legacy’.

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UpNorth Film AS
USA-lansering og markedsføring av dokumentarfilmen "Praying For Armageddon"
Film, formidling



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Fritt Ord has taken the initiative for several research projects on freedom of expression that have been conducted by various Norwegian research communities. Among other things, the studies have examined social norms and political tolerance in respect of statements, online harassment and polarisation, artistic freedom of expression and freedom of expression in the workplace.

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Documentary Photography

Over the years, Fritt Ord has worked to strengthen the position of documentary photography through special calls for applications for funding, providing ongoing support for photo books and exhibitions, and establishing projects like The Norwegian Journal of Photography.

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Libraries, Encyclopaedia, and Houses of Literature

Fritt Ord has launched various initiatives related to the communication of knowledge and the promotion of literature, including an annual subsidy scheme earmarked for Norwegian public libraries. In 2005, the Foundation took the initiative to establish Norway’s first house of literature and, in 2010, to ensure the further operation of Store norske leksikon.

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International Projects

Fritt Ord takes part in a number of joint projects outside the borders of Norway, primarily related to freedom of the press, democracy building and the strengthening of organisations of civil society.

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Young People and Students

Fritt Ord offers grants for students working on master’s theses or on documentary films in fields such as human rights, journalism, freedom of expression and democracy building. It also hosts the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for Upper Secondary Schools and the Norwegian Historical Society’s competition for pupils.

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Media and Journalism

Since its inception, Fritt Ord has had media and journalism as one of its core target areas. In today’s demanding media situation, the Foundation has set up separate grant and subsidy schemes for journalists and critics.

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Books and reports published by the Fritt Ord Foundation, alone or with partners.