What does Fritt Ord Fund?

Fritt Ord awards support for projects that help promote freedom of expression, public discourse, art and culture. The measures supported should contribute to the common good and be available to the public.

See below for a list of what types of projects are funded. In all genres, projects will be assessed on the basis of quality, originality, relevance, thoroughness and ability to communicate. Special requirements apply for some types of projects. Read more about what we are looking for under each project category.

We typically provide project funding, not core funding.

Fritt Ord mainly funds projects in Norway (or with ties to Norway). Under certain circumstances, however, the Foundation can help promote freedom of expression in other countries. While Fritt Ord can provide support multi-year projects, it ordinarily awards funding for just one year at a time.

Please peruse the list of our grants to gain an understanding of the Foundation’s grants profile and the size of previous grants.