Grants for political cartoonists

March 24 2021

Humour, barbs and vulgarity: Satirical illustrations aim high and leave power exposed. They exist as a vehicle for criticism and resistance. The best in this genre make us see issues and political matters, and even ourselves, from a new perspective.

Fritt Ord is interested in enhancing the position of satirical illustrations in Norway. To that end, it is announcing the availability of up to nine working grants of NOK 100 000 each to social-minded illustrators and practising visual artists. This corresponds to four months of work in autumn 2021. The agreement triggers up to another NOK 100 000 more if the work leads to a publication agreement or self-publication in 2022.

Deadline for applications: 15 June 2021.

Our hope is to reach young illustrators and those making their débuts as artists, as well as established artists. We will accept classic satirical illustrations for hard copy publication, comic strip illustrations and experimental genre-play, digital or in print. The illustrations can be aimed at local or national targets. Criticism of power players and the power structure through visual expressions will play a key role in the assessment of the work submitted. Social criticism, religion, political and financial divisions, social differences, majority/minority, gender and climate are important catchwords, and we underscore that intention is to get the illustrations published in the public space as social commentary on real issues.

Apply for a grant by submitting the following:

1) A work that addresses the topic Majority and minority.

2) An outline of an independent project on the social topic of your choice, for the purpose of publishing in printed newspapers or digital media. In this context, you should mention what kind of approach you will take to the topic and its form, specifying your partners, if any, and how you plan to proceed in the run-up to publication.

3) You CV

Send you application via email to

The artists selected will be given working grants of NOK 100 000, which corresponds to four months of work in autumn 2021. During those months, the selected artists will be offered guidance, advice and development ideas by experts/jury members. During the same interval, the artists are to work to secure publication agreements with Norwegian newspapers or other media. Fritt Ord will provide grants that match the fees the artists earn for their work, which will, in turn, trigger new support from Fritt Ord for up to NOK 100 000. Upon completing the project, each artist is required to submit a brief report.

Arifur Rahman, artist
Bianca Boege, The Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery
Flu Hartberg, artist
Egon Holstad, commentator, iTromsø
Mia Mottelson, artist

Project managers: Joakim Lie and Anne-Lise Sognnes from Fritt Ord. Feel free to send any inquiries you may have to