Final Report

Final Report

As a recipient of support from Fritt Ord, you are required to report on how you’ve spent the grant, once your project is completed. The deadline for submitting your final report is two months at the latest after completion of your project. This deadline is calculated from the completion date you yourself have specified in the application form.

The final report must be submitted through Fritt Ord’s application centre. You must log in to the account of the user that submitted the application – applications cannot be transferred to other users.

If you have received funding for several projects and you wish to report on all of them, please note that you cannot combine them into a single report. The reports must be submitted separately, each labeled with the correct project code.

The report should include an outline of the implementation of the project and accounting information showing how the funding has been used. It is not necessary to attach receipts in connection with the accounts. The final report should answer the following questions:

  • Was the project conducted in keeping with the original project description?
  • If changes were made: Why, and how did the affect the project?
  • How was the project received? Please include references to the number of visitors/sales figures/readers/feedback/media coverage, as applicable.

We ask that financial statements be certified by a chartered accountant for allocations in excess of NOK 300 000.

If you have received support for a series of articles, please attach the articles in PDF format. It is not enough simply to provide links to the articles, as they will often be behind a paywall.

If you have received support for a physical product, e.g. a book or a catalogue, the letter of commitment will specify that you are to send a certain number of copies to Fritt Ord. We would remind you that we also require a written final report and accounts in these cases. It is not enough simply to submit the physical product.

If you have received support for films or audio projects (e.g. podcasts), we ask that you submit a physical copy on either a DVD or as a digital file.

  • Films: preferably in a compacted digital file format such as avi, mkv, mpeg or mp4, and less than 2 GB in size.
  • Audio files: preferably in a digital file format such as mp3, wav, flac or wma.

Please submit the files using WeTransfer or a similar file transfer program. Dropbox is not an acceptable submission format.

Delayed or changed projects

As a recipient of a Fritt Ord grant, you are required to give notice as soon as possible if your project is significantly delayed or changed (cf. the letter of commitment). You must give notice within one year at the latest of when the allocation was granted.

If the project is being changed significantly, you must get approval from Fritt Ord before the funding can be reassigned. Queries about this must be submitted in applications centre. In case of delay, you must specify the new estimated date of completion.

The Fritt Ord Foundation can request that grants be refunded if the projects are not carried out in accordance with the original plan.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email to