Crisis, free speech and the desire to write - seminar on Friday, 1 November

November 1 2019

How about getting a jump start on the interdisciplinary topic “Democracy and citizenship”? Fritt Ord and the National Association for Norwegian Teaching invite the public to a seminar on CRISIS, free speech and the desire to write, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, 1 November at Fritt Ord’s premises in Oslo.

The seminar will take its point of departure in the concept of ‘crisis’, which is this year’s topic in the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition for Upper Secondary School. The climate crisis, political crises and individual crises – all are examples of the uncertainty and unrest that characterise our times. But is the picture completely dark, glum and destined to go “straight to hell”? Not necessarily. Crises can also mean a turning point – an opportunity to improve. But that calls for action!

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At the seminar, film-maker Nefise Özkal Lorentzen will give us an introduction to and more details about the concept of crisis.

Assistant Professor Karsten Korbøl will talk about democracy and citizenship as paramount objectives in all subjects.

Football player and author Michael Stilson will discuss whether it is a democracy-related problem that children – especially boys – have little desire to read and write.

Lecturer and essay enthusiast Jostein Saxegaard will give specific suggestions about how to get pupils to write personal and academic texts.

Anne-List Sognnes and Joakim Lie, Fritt Ord, will provide information about the competition: and about ‘crisis’ as this year’s topic.

Jorunn Øveland Nyhus, editor of Norsklæreren (the Norwegian Teacher), with chair the seminar.

There will be lectures, group work and discussions.

Norsklæreren number 3/2019, featuring the topic ‘CRISIS’, will be sent out to the participants in advance.