"Golden Dawn Girls" to open the 2018 HUMAN international documentary film festival

March 7 2018

The Fritt Ord Foundation and 2018 HUMAN international documentary film festival invites the public to the opening of this year’s festival, featuring a screening of the Norwegian documentary Golden Dawn Girls, on Wednesday, 7 March, at 6 p.m. at the Klingenberg Cinema. Tickets cost NOK 30, and can be purchased on the website of Nordisk Film Kino.

Director Håvard Bustnes will speak as a prelude the film, and the festival’s opening remarks will be delivered by Matthew Goodwin, an eminent professor of International Politics at Kent University. He will address the growth in right-wing extremist movements and parties in Europe.

In Golden Dawn Girls we follow the right-wing extremist party Golden Dawn through a turbulent period in Greek politics – from 2012, when the party’s representatives were imprisoned over accusations that they were operating a criminal organisation, to when the party became the country’s third largest in the election of 2015. The documentary follows three women who are all related to the imprisoned men – a mother, wife and daughter, respectively – who step in and run the party in the men’s absence.

Satirical anniversary party

Immediately following the film, there will be an anniversary party with time to mingle followed by a debate with a satirical slant. A panel consisting of Dag Sørås, Morten Beyer-Olsen, Mona Abdel-Fadil, Kai Eide and Anine Kierulf will be asked what human rights have actually done for us? The conversation will be moderated by the All Powerful satirist Eirik Bergesen.

The party will be organised at the Club in the new Røverstaden, just a stone’s throw from Klingenberg Cinema. Tickets for the anniversary party will also cost NOK 30, and must be purchased separately from the film screening. Tickets for the party are available for purchase here.

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