Grants in response to applications for less than NOK 100 000 awarded in November 2020

November 17 2020

The Fritt Ord Foundation’s list of grants has been updated to include grants for ordinary project applications for less than NOK 100 000, Norwegian Journalism and additional grants in November 2020.

Among the nearly 100 allocations in this round, there are 15 grants for dramatic art projects. Maritea Dæhlin has received NOK 75 000 for the stage play “Originally a plant”. According to the applicant, it is “a solo performance that will challenge and explore our fascination with the ‘other’."

Para Film & Teater AS got NOK 80 000 to develop the manuscript for the theatre project “Blackpill Express – men who hate themselves”, and Visjoner Teater, represented by Juni Dahr, received NOK 75 000 for manuscript development for the performance “TRACES – Gamvik”. The play is about survival and loneliness; it is scheduled to premier at the Sletnes Lighthouse in Finnmark County in summer 2022.