Let's talk about it: Fritt Ord grants MNOK 2.3 to Norwegian public libraries

August 10 2018

Press release, 10 August 2018

This past spring, Fritt Ord invited applications for grants of NOK 60 000 each for debates and discussions based on contemporary non-fiction and fiction literature. The Foundation received 107 applications, and has decided to award funding to 40 of the applicants. Altogether, MNOK 2.3 will be divided among libraries all across the country.

The Fritt Ord Foundation has given priority to projects that are innovative, and has tried to select projects that represent the full range of promotional activities. The projects receiving support will be promoting literature through panel discussions, lectures, talks with writers and discussion fora.

Examples of projects receiving support:

Jølster Library, “Horse sense”
Programme series with “lectures and discussions about non-fiction publications on topics related to the agricultural development and rural communities”.

Nydalen Branch, Deichman Library, “Dystopia for optimists”
Talks with writers and social commentators on topics such as the consequences of climate change, reality literature, and striving for perfection and the pressure of expectations.

Ringerike Library and Hole Library, “Norwegian enough?”
Talks about contemporary non-fiction publications on topics such as Norwegian taboos, integration and refugee issues.

Tønsberg and Færder Library, “The Legacy of Bjørneboe”
Six meetings on miscarriages of justice and on due process in Norway, where well-known cases will be presented and discussed by writers, journalists and lawyers.

This invitation from the Fritt Ord Foundation was intended to encourage the innovative promotion of language and literature, and to strengthen public libraries as communications arenas. The projects will be carried out in autumn 2018 or in 2019.

Read more about the scheme.

Contact: Oskar Kvasnes, Fritt Ord Foundation,
Tel: +47 230 14644, mobile: +47 408 53370

Applications granted, Let’s talk about it

Andøy Public Library, “Timely Topics”

Askøy Public Library, “Social media and freedom of expression”

Bærum Library, “The novel meets non-fiction and research”

Deichman Library, Main Library, “Conditions”

Eidsberg Library, “Women’s stories”

Farsund Library, “The power of the word”

Finnmark County Library, “The literature, the location and the reality”

Fræna Public Library, “The Great Migrations Then, Now and in Future”

Akershus County Library, “Literature at war!”

Gjøvik Library and the House of Literature, “Culture Dowagers”

Gloppen Public Library, “The ants in the soil”

Hardanger Library represented by Odda Library, “Conditions for family living in restless times”

Haugesund Public Library, “Debate list”

Hordaland County Municipality, “The squeeze – a series of programmes about young people and pressure”

Hå Public Library, “Below the surface”

Jølster Library, “Horse sense”

Kristiansand Public Library, “Literary debate”

Kristiansund Library, “Kristiansund – City of Mystery”

House of Literature Lillehammer, “The debate series ‘Most definitely human’”

Majorstuen Branch, Deichman Library, “Taboo, you said?”

Narvik Library, “War and peace and stuff”

Norwegian Authors’ Centre Northern Norway, “What is Sámi literature?”

Nydalen Branch, Deichman Library, “Dystopia for optimists”

Osterøy Library, “Meetings about pensions”

Ringerike Library and Hole Library, “Norwegian enough?”

Ringsaker Library, “Letter to a daughter”

Risør Library, “Tendencies in our time”

Bård Kjøge Rønning and Tøyen Branch, Deichman Library, “Tøyen Forum”

Samnanger Public Library, “Drawing boundaries”

Sandnes Library, “Timely debate”

Seljord Library, “Library – cultural centre – local newspaper”

Sogndal Library, “Let the bee buzz”

Stange Library, “What makes popular literature so popular?”

Stryn Library, “Log on to life”

Trøndelag County Library, “Maren Uthaug, Danish-Trønder Sámi”

Tysvær Public Library, “Talks with meaning”

Tønsberg and Færder Library, “The Legacy of Bjørneboe”

Vaksdal Public Library, “Debate of the month at the library”

Østre Public Library, “Voices”

Ålesund Library, events on religion, disease, food and health



In Oslo for discussions across the dividing lines of the war

December 5 2022

Journalists, writers, film-makers, artists, cultural critics and other cultural personalities will be meeting in Oslo for discussions and conversations to explore questions related to exile, colonialism, conflict and cooperation – across the dividing lines of war.

Skjermbilde 2022 11 23 kl. 02.49.22

A TV documentary about Shabana. New Fritt Ord grants in October

November 27 2022

Fritt Ord’s list of ordinary allocations in October for more than NOK 100 000 has been updated to include grants for a wide variety of different projects, including a documentary series about Shabana Rehman.

23 juli 2011

Survey of media coverage from 2011 to 2022 of the terrorist acts committed on 22 July 2011

October 26 2022

For the first time, a systematic analysis has been made of 11 years of media coverage on the acts of terror committed on 22 July 2011.
Nearly 500 000 newspaper articles have been published about the right-wing extremist acts of terror from the time they were committed until the summer of 2022.

Andriy dubchak

Ukrainian journalists, photographers and media to receive five Free Media Awards for 2022 from the Fritt Ord Foundation and the ZEIT-Stiftung

August 19 2022

Photographers, videographers, journalists, war correspondents and media in Ukraine are risking their lives to cover Russia’s brutal war of aggression in their country. This year, all five of the Free Media Awards’ Press Prizes are destined for Ukrainian photographers, journalists and media in recognition of their efforts to document the suffering and the challenges that Ukrainian people are facing due to hostile destruction and war crimes committed by Russian troops. The journalism being produced under extremely trying circumstances is of exceptional quality.