The Fritt Ord Tribute 2019
Frank Nervik, Norun Haugen, Ola Waagen and Piraya Film

The Fritt Ord Tribute is awarded to Frank Nervik, Norun Haugen, Ola Waagen and Piraya Film for the documentary film “Fur” (2014) and “The secrets of the pig industry” (2019), which reveal animal abuse in the fur industry and porkproduction in Norway. Both films have triggered national debates that have had major consequences.

“The prize laureates have done impressive work using challenging methods to contribute to a much-needed debate on both fur production and pig farming in Norway. The Fritt Ord Foundation finds their messages important contributions to the public debate on animals’ living conditions and intrinsic value”, comments Bård Vegar Solhjell, deputy chair of the Fritt Ord Foundation’s Board.

“The secrets of the pig industry”

The documentary film entitled “The secrets of the pig industry”, which was aired on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s ‘Brennpunkt’ in June this year, was largely based on hidden recordings from 13 pig farms. The recordings documented circumstances worthy of severe criticism that stand out in stark contrast to the advertisements touted by the pork industry. Norun Haugen went undercover for five years to investigate conditions on Norwegian pig farms. Using a hidden camera, she brought to light troubling attitudes and a number of systematic breaches of the Animal Welfare Act – to the consternation of the industry and consumers alike. The animal abuse and bad attitudes revealed in “The secrets of the pig industry” have been the subject of a vehement, objective and constructive discussion among farmers, consumers, the meat industry, animal rights organisations, politicians and supervisory bodies.


The documentary film “Fur” shows breaches of good animal welfare in the Norwegian fur industry. This critical documentary from 2014 was also aired on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s series ’Brennpunkt". Animal rights activist Frank Nervik went undercover for two years with a hidden camera, visiting fur farms to investigate conditions for the animals and insider attitudes in the industry. The material in the film “Fur” provides unique insight into a disputed industry, immediately triggering debates about fur farming, animal welfare and animal abuse. Fur-farming is currently being phased out in Norway, and the documentary film “Fur” is believed to be one of the reasons for this.

Frank Nervik

Frank Nervik is a trained psychologist, but works these days as an installer and carpenter. In recent years, he has worked on a number of animal rights cases. During the period from 2012 to 2014, he went undercover with a hidden camera in the fur-farming industry in Norway and China, leading to the story revealed in the documentary film “Fur”. Nervik has also provided recordings taken with a hidden camera for Piraya Film’s documentary “The secrets of the pig industry”.

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Norun Haugen

Norun Haugen has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Oslo, where she used to teach. Today, she works full time on behalf of animals. She spent five years undercover in the Norwegian meat industry to investigate animals’ living conditions. Haugen juggled several identities, living with the constant threat of being exposed. Norun Haugen’s undercover work is shown in the documentary film “The secrets of the pig industry”, produced by Piraya Film.

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Ola Waagen

Ola Waagen directed the documentary films “Fur” (2014) and “The secrets of the pig industry” (2019). Waagen has a strong sense of civic duty. His breakthrough as a film-maker was with “Fur”, which triggered heated discussions in several countries. The film has won several prizes and nominations. Waagen’s second documentary film, “The secrets of the pig industry”, has recently contributed to national debates on multiple levels.

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Piraya Film

Torstein Grude and Bjarte Mørner Tveit own and operate Piraya Film, which has produced both “Fur” and “The secrets of the pig industry”. Grude is a film photographer, director and producer, while Tveit is a producer and scriptwriter. Piraya Film is behind a number of documentary films that have enjoyed broad distribution the world over. Several of his films have received nominations and prizes – including two Oscar-nominations and an Emmy award. Piraya Film has recently co-produced the Sundance winner “Cold Case Hammarskjöld”.

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The Fritt Ord Tribute
The Fritt Ord Tribute consists of NOK 100 000 for each of the four prize laureates. This recognition is awarded by the Fritt Ord Foundation’s Board for valuable activities in the service of free speech, preferably in connection with relevant issues. The Fritt Ord Foundation’s Board also awards the Fritt Ord Prize.