ALTSÅ named Magazine of the Year

August 26 2021

On 25 August, ALTSÅ was named Magazine of the Year at the annual awards ceremony for the Media Prizes.

Launched in 2019 by Sigrid Bonde Tusvik and Ida Eliassen-Coker as an alternative to media run by clickbait journalism, Altså is based entirely on subscription revenues rather than on advertising. Moreover, it dedicates space to Norwegian works of art where one usually finds advertisements. Although the magazine addresses all genders, it mainly publishes articles and material about women.

The jury’s grounds:
This year’s Magazine of the Year is a rock-solid journalistic product, with a clear strategy for how to distribute its content and build a community. Over the past year, the magazine has evolved into a well-integrated product with several editorial legs to stand on. This is definitely a project fuelled by civic engagement, the entrepreneurial spirit and a fervent desire to change the world. It provides aesthetics and quality every step of the way, challenging the accepted idea of ‘magazine’ in every single issue. The magazine is sustainable both financially and environmentally, and it takes pride in raising up women and feminist values. The publication takes clear positions intended to promote a genuine, untouched and multi-faceted society. The Magazine of the Year award provides a counterbalance in today’s world, offering an invigorating, important voice among the profusion of magazines.

Handed out annually by the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association (MBL), the Media Prizes are awarded at Norwegian magazine publishing’s most prestigious ceremony.

ALTSÅ is published with support from Fritt Ord.