Fritt Ord launches new portal for applications

June 20 2022

In August, the Fritt Ord Foundation will launch a new portal for the submission of applications, requests for the disbursement of funds, and reports.

The new portal will be accessible from 9 a.m. on 1 August. All users of the old portal will be asked to register a new password when they log into the new portal for the first time.
From now until 1 August, it will not be possible to submit project reports or applications for the Friday, 5 August deadline.

If need be, requests for the disbursement of funds can be submitted by email to Such requests must specify the project code, project title, amount of the grant, account number, and the name and address of the recipient. Any letters of intention, verifications of a time buyout, updated funding plans, etc. must be sent as attachments.

Fritt Ord will be closed for the summer holiday for most of July, and there will be reduced capacity, resulting in longer wait times for support payments after 24 June.
We urge applicants to wait to request the disbursement of funds until the new portal is operative in August.