Grants for Norwegian Journalism in December 2021

December 14 2021

The Fritt Ord Foundation’s list of allocations has been updated to include grants for Norwegian journalism projects in December 2021.

In December, a total of NOK 3 560 000 in support was allocated to Norwegian journalism projects. The list of projects receiving support includes podcasts, series of articles and reporting projects.

Two projects address Christianity and religion among young people in an otherwise secular community. Vårt Land (newspaper) has been granted NOK 125 000 for the series of articles “Preaching! The unknown public sphere”, where the goal is to provide insight into the diversity in and perspectives of several different religious communities, through regular visits to 10 different religious communities outside the Church of Norway, then to describe and analyse what the different religions preach.

The online newspaper was allocated NOK 100 000 for the article project “Young and religious in one of the world’s most secular countries”, which will examine the influence of secularisation and religion on young people’s identities today.

Fritt Ord will also continue to provide support for Investigate Europe. This is an independent journalistic co-op consisting of seasoned members of the press from several European countries. They publish heavy, demanding investigative articles in a variety of media, across national borders, and have definitely made their mark on the European public sphere. The Norwegian journalist Ingeborg Eliassen was recently appointed editor-in-chief for all of Investigate Europe. The position is partially funded by Fritt Ord, which will also help fund the hiring of a new Norwegian reporter. Investigate Europe has been allocated a total of NOK 800 000 NOK for its work in 2022.