Reminder: The deadline for entering the 2021 Fritt Ord competition is 15 March

February 19 2021

The Fritt Ord Youth Competition is an annual competition that invites students to submit entries on topics related to freedom of expression and democracy. This year’s topic is 22 July 2011. The deadline for entering is 15 March 2021.

Fritt Ord invites schools to work on the topic of 22 July, and to submit their entries on the website at

Pupils can participate on their own or as part of classroom activities. They can work individually or in groups, and pupils are invited to submit entries in different genres: Audio, video or online productions, essays or articles. The best entries will win cash awards (NOK 20 000, NOK 15 000, and NOK 10 000) and a study tour to Strasbourg. The study tour will be assessed in the light of the corona situation.

Please use the website as your starting point, then find your own sources on the topic. In retrospect, how have books, films, newspapers and other media dealt with the terrorist attacks? Feel free to share your own personal analyses, interpretations and thoughts on the events and the time that has passed since then.

In the aftermath of 22 July 2011, many books and films have been released about what happened, including fact and fiction alike. Both aspects are important contributions when addressing such a difficult topic. Factual prose and documentaries help us understand what actually happened, at the same time as the fictitious stories are also highly relevant. What part do these presentations play? And how are the events communicated?

Along with the Association !read, Fritt Ord has published an anthology entitled 22 July (selected texts), a complimentary collection of excerpts from books about the events of 22 July 2011. The book can be downloaded as an ebook here (available in Norwegian only).


Joakim M. Lie, project manager for the Fritt Ord Foundation Competition
Mobile: +47 915 60 770

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