The coronavirus situation: Grants for activities that are cancelled/postponed

March 13 2020

The Fritt Ord Foundation has received queries from several grant recipients who are wondering how to handle different projects in response to the coronavirus, and we will do our best to help find satisfactory solutions.

Projects/initiatives/events that are cancelled:

Fritt Ord will not require the reimbursement of funds if the cancellation has required outlays for preparations, premises, travel expenses, fees or the like, which have already been paid or must be paid in the near future. The recipient of the grant must, however, be able to document said expenses and report how the money was spent.

Projects/initiatives/events that are postponed:

It is not a problem for Fritt Ord if projects and events are postponed. You should, however, submit a status report with a tentative new plan for implementation. Submit your report to

Changing how projects are conveyed to the public

Grant recipients are welcome to contact Fritt Ord with questions about how future initiatives can best be carried out. We are open to discussing alternative modes of communication to the public, e.g. different types of digital communications instead of physical events, books, etc.