The first grants from Fritt Ord's crisis allocations

April 17 2020

The first awards from the Fritt Ord Foundation’s extraordinary grants totalling MNOK 40 in response to the corona crisis are now ready. A total of MNOK 15.5 will be distributed to 119 projects.

See the list here.

This first round of grants is in response to applications for more than NOK 100 000 received by the first auxiliary deadline on 31 March 2020. The decisions in respect of applications for NOK 100 000 or less will be published within a few weeks. Fritt Ord received 1220 applications by the deadline.

Support is being provided for a wide variety of projects for digital communications activities that address the corona crisis and its consequences, or which are in other ways related to this special situation. The point of these extraordinary grants is to help maintain and improve dynamic public discourse in the years ahead.

The allocations include NOK 500 000 to Yellow Log to set up online film festivals, NOK 100 000 to Antipode Films to make an e-book about the consequences of the corona crisis on players in the culture sector, NOK 150 000 to the literary newspaper BLA to publish a special corona edition, NOK 200 000 to Monday Production, dept. Norsk Fjernsyn, for a documentary about Norway’s emergency preparedness, NOK 100 000 to the Centre for Investigative Journalism for research and cooperation on corona-related journalism, NOK 300 000 to photographers and writers in Epalo for the project “Extremes 2020”, NOK 300 000 to photographers Sofie Amalie Klougart and Christian Belgaux for the project “This year”, NOK 100 000 to Samlaget Publishing House for the podcast and the book series “The world in the aftermath”, MNOK 1 to Store norske leksikon (encyclopaedia) for more articles to be written by freelance writers and NOK 70 000 to the newspaper Firda for a series of articles entitled “What now, trading town Førde?”.

Four Norwegian houses of literature have been granted funding for comprehensive digital communications programmes that will involve a large number of writers and freelancers. The four are the House of Literature in Oslo (MNOK 1.5), the House of Literature in Bergen (NOK 800 000), the House of Literature in Fredrikstad (NOK 600 000) and the House of Literature in Trondheim (NOK 250 000).

The next deadline for applications for extraordinary grants is 3 p.m. on 30 April. See this article for more detailed information about the applikation criteria.

Fritt Ord also has a deadline for ordinary projects on 5 May, and for grants for journalism and the annual grants for critics on 8 May.

For more information, please contact Fritt Ord by email at: