The launch of the documentary film “A Gift from God”

September 26 2019

NB! The screening has been moved to Klingenberg Kino. Tickets already picked up are still valid.

Integral Film and the Fritt Ord Foundation invite the public to the launch of the documentary film “A Gift from God” at 6 p.m. on Thursday, 26 September at Klingenberg Kino in Oslo. The film is the result of three years of intensive investigative journalism. Following the film, there will be a Q&A session with Henri Barkey from the USA, who appears in the film, and directors Nefise Özkal Lorentzen and Jørgen Lorentzen. Ingerid Salvesen will act as moderator.

The film is 60 minutes long, and the event will last from 6.00 p.m. to 8.15 p.m. It is free of charge. Online reservations are not being taken, so tickets must be picked up at the Saga Cinema on a first come, first serve basis.

After the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July 2016, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan struck back hard at his adversaries. Several hundred thousand teachers, journalists, health care workers and military personnel were fired from their jobs, and thousands have been sentenced to long-term or lifetime imprisonment. Completely new documents and revealing never-before-shown film footage will be shown. Through the voices of the people who were witness to that dramatic night, the film shows what really happened.

The film also addresses Turkey’s troubled relationships with NATO and Europe. President Erdogan has accused the USA of being involved in the attempted coup, as he moves more closely to Russia. If this continues, it will entail a dramatic geopolitical shift. The film shows how Turkey has changed significantly since the attempted coup.