The project "The debates on Norway's future" arranges a broadcast of a discussion on 'blue gold'

July 9 2021

“The debates on Norway’s future” demonstrate a new debate concept, involving the Fritt Ord Foundation working all over the country with Amedia, Ferd and the Research Council of Norway to arrange discussions about the most notable current trends in social development in Norway. The series of meetings kicked off in Tromsø in June, and another meeting has been held in Svolvær.

The first episode can be viewed on" Lofotposten’s website": The debate covers fisheries, the fish-farming industry, strains on the ocean and the climate crisis. How should Norway and Lofoten look in future – and how should we protect ocean wealth?

The project “The debates on Norway’s future” aspires to bring a wider variety of voices into public discourse. The panel in Svolvær was made up of the following individuals:

  • Nina Jensen, former secretary general of WWF Norway and currently CEO of the research and expedition vessel REV Ocean.
  • Kriss Rokkan Iversen, MDG (The Green Party) -deputy leader.
  • Kristina Furnes, global communications manager, Grieg Seafood.
  • Lars Galtung, global director of communication and sustainability, Cermaq.
  • Skipper Martin Rist Angelsen.
  • Deputy Mayor Lena Amalie Hamnes, Vågan Municipality.
  • Fish Buyer Erling Santi Falch, owner of Saga Fisk.
  • Surfer Mattias Hörnquist.

Read more about the initiative here (Norwegian).



The Fritt Ord Journalism Fellowship

August 23 2022

We are pleased to announce the call for applications for the Fritt Ord Journalism Fellowship for journalists funded by the Fritt Ord Foundation. This gives an unique opportunity for Norwegian journalists to benefit from a funded fellowship at the University of Oxford, commencing in January 2021. Application deadline: Wednesday 165 September 2020, at noon.

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Ukrainian journalists, photographers and media to receive five Free Media Awards for 2022 from the Fritt Ord Foundation and the ZEIT-Stiftung

August 19 2022

Photographers, videographers, journalists, war correspondents and media in Ukraine are risking their lives to cover Russia’s brutal war of aggression in their country. This year, all five of the Free Media Awards’ Press Prizes are destined for Ukrainian photographers, journalists and media in recognition of their efforts to document the suffering and the challenges that Ukrainian people are facing due to hostile destruction and war crimes committed by Russian troops. The journalism being produced under extremely trying circumstances is of exceptional quality.

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The Fritt Ord Foundation's new application portal is now available

August 1 2022

The Fritt Ord Foundation’s new application portal is now available here.

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The Fritt Ord Foundation's grants to critics for 2022-2023

June 22 2022

The Fritt Ord Foundation has now awarded its annual grants to critics. At NOK 250 000 each, the grants are intended to result in a steady stream of reviews during the period from August 2022 to August 2023.