Free Media Awards 2012
Valery Karbalevich, Belarus

Valery Karbalevich , editor-in-chief of the journal Gramadzjanskaja Alternatiwa and a leading political commentator in Svobodnyje Novosti Plus in Minsk, ranks among the most important independent commentators on the Belorussian media landscape.

This historian’s strength is his ability to analyse. Judicious and courageous, he combines a profound knowledge of history with level-headed and vigilant judgment.

His biography of President Alexander Lukashenko cannot be obtained in Belarus. Despite massive government propaganda and obstacles put in the way of his work, Valerij Karbalevitsj has refused to be intimidated.

His personality and his writings also ensure that the hope of democratic development in Belarus is not necessarily in vain.

Valery Karbalevich was nominated by the German Embassy in Minsk.