Bjarne Kveim Lie to join the Fritt Ord Foundation Board

May 31 2023

Growth investor Bjarne Kveim Lie will join the Board of the Fritt Ord Foundation as of 14 June 2023, succeeding Christian Bjelland.

Lie graduated with an MA in History from the University of Oslo/European University Institute in Florence, Italy. He later earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Lie is currently managing partner and chief investment officer at Verdane Advisors (, which he co-founded some 20 years ago. Verdane invests between five and ten billion NOK in unlisted growth enterprises each year. Ten per cent of Verdane is owned by a foundation focused on sustainability globally and diversity locally.

Bjarne Kveim Lie is engaged in activities that extend across multiple industrial sectors and far beyond the borders of Norway. He has extensive experience of micro-finance in developing countries, and is currently a member of the European Council of The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental organisation. He has maintained his ties to the humanities by serving a total of 12 years as an independent director at the department and faculty levels at the University of Oslo.

Following Lie’s appointment, the Fritt Ord Foundation’s Board will consist of Grete Brochmann (chair), Bård Vegar Solhjell (deputy chair), Bjarne Kveim Lie, Frank Rossavik, Sigrun Slapgard and Sylo Taraku. Knut Olav Åmås is executive director of the Fritt Ord Foundation. The Fritt Ord Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that is intended to protect and promote freedom of expression, public debate, art and culture.