Flemming Rose and Vebjørn Selbekk honoured with the Freedom of Expression Foundation Tribute

September 22 2015

On Tuesday, 22 September, Flemming Rose and Vebjørn Selbekk were awarded the Freedom of Expression Foundation Tribute. The two newspaper editors were honoured for their firm defence of freedom of expression throughout 10 years of caricature controversy.

Read the complete grounds provided given by the Fritt Ord Foundation’s Board here.

The programme featured speeches by Frank Rossavik (member of the Fritt Ord Foundation’s Board), Flemming Rose and Vebjørn Selbekk. Musical interludes were provided by Tore Augestad and Stian Carstensen.

  • Frank Rossavik’s speech, entitled “Freedom of Expression is the Mother of all Freedoms”, can be read here: link | pdf
  • Flemming Rose’s speech is available here: link | pdf
  • Vebjørn Selbekk’s speech can be found here: link | pdf

A video recording of the award ceremony can be viewed on the Fritt Ord Foundation’s YouTube channel. The first speech begins at the 4 minute, 18 second mark.