Free Media Awards 2022
Andriy Dubchak - Ukraine

Photo and video correspondent Andriy Dubchak is awarded a Free Media Award for courageous professional reporting from battle zones, often risking his own life to do so.

For many years he was a correspondent for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Ukrainian Service. Through the establishment of Donbas Frontliner in 2021, Andriy Dubchak has become one of the most important sources of information about life on the front lines in Donbas, thanks to his photo and video reports. Donbas Frontliner is an independent, interactive medium that covers the military conflict and the hybrid war Russia is waging against Ukraine. Andriy Dubchak continued his tireless activities as a war correspondent in Kyiv and the surrounding region in February 2022, documenting the scope of the humanitarian catastrophe. Dubchak was nominated by the Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseyev.