Free Media Awards 2018
Belarus Partisan - Belarus

The website Belarus Partisan was founded in 2006 by a group of Belarusian journalists.

It is an informative, analytical media platform that addresses the most exigent and relevant matters in Belarus. Belarus Partisan is often one of the first to report on news items and is among the few news media to focus on issues of public interest, as well as on politically sensitive issues.

Their investigative journalism covers a wide variety of topics. Corruption and the fate of ‘disappeared’ Belarusian politicians are among the topics the website reverts to repeatedly. Belarus Partisan also plays an important part as a debate platform for Belarusian oppositionists, in a country in which there is a precarious lack of public debate.

It is one of the 10 most popular news websites in Belarus, addressing regional and international issues alike.

In 2016, Pavel Sheremet, former editor-in-chief and one of the website’s founders, was killed by a car bomb in Kiev. Both before and after that event, Belarus Partisan has repeatedly been blocked and attempts have been made to hack into its systems.

In 2017, the website was completely blocked throughout Belarusian territory – by the authorities. The website was forced to move to a new domain to be able to reach its Belarusian readers. Even though they had to rebuild, they have developed even further, giving them a broader reach than ever before.


Belarus Partisan publishes in Russian and Belarusian, and it has been nominated by the Board of the Belarusian Association of Journalists.