Free Media Awards 2012
DOSH - Russia

DOSH describes itself as a “the first independent Caucasian magazine”.

The editorial offices in Grosny and Moscow as well as their network of correspondents in the Caucasian sub-republic present reports on historical, cultural and political aspects of life in the northern Caucasus. They emphasise that there has been no breakthrough for human rights.

Editor-in-chief Israpil Shovkhalov believes in the power of words in a violent region that has been marked by war. In this region, where the people live under constant pressure and have been deprived of their rights, and where most of the media play down conflicts, DOSH’ decade of fearless journalism has shed light on human rights in Chechnya and is a prime example of how things can be done.

DOSH was nominated by Peter Normann Waage, Oslo, and Norwegian P.E.N.