Free Media Awards 2012
Olga Romanova - Russia

Olga Romanova is brave. Through her columns in The New Times and her blog, she casts light on the shadowy system of justice in her native Russia.

She brings striking stories to light based on the conviction that independent media and reports are two sides of the same coin. Thanks to her journalistic efforts, she managed to get her husband Alexey Koslov out of jail.

Journalist and activist Olga Romanova is a unique entity, a keen observer who provides explanatory information to the political protest movement without being aligned with any political party or with the opposition.

The fact that her husband has been imprisoned once again demonstrates how zealous political commitment is punished. Above all, this is about the importance of having an incorruptible eye, and knowing the value of clear speech.

Olga Romanova was nominated by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the Human Rights House Foundation, Oslo.