Free Media Awards 2022
Zaborona - Ukraine

The brave, independent journalists who work for the online newspaper Zaborona are faithful to journalistic standards even in times of war. is awarded a Free Media Award for its critical, investigative stories and reports, among other things, about far-right movements in Ukraine, Russia and across post-Soviet countries, and the links between them. The word “zaborona” means “taboo” in Ukrainian, and the newspaper addresses topics that are often overlooked by other Ukrainian media, e.g. right-wing radicalism, feminism and LGBTQ issues. Katerina Sergatskova is editor-in-chief of the Kyiv-based online newspaper. She co-founded Zaborona, along with Roman Stepanovych, in 2018. Zaborona publishes in Ukrainian and English for readers across large parts of Ukraine and other countries, including Poland, Belarus, Moldova and the USA.