Asset management

The Fritt Ord Foundation shall manage its assets in a manner that makes it possible to achieve the Foundation’s goals today and in the foreseeable future.

This perspective calls for responsible asset management, so that they will generate a sufficient yield in both the short and the long term. The return on our investments funds grants in keeping with the Fritt Ord Foundation’s objects clause. The Board monitors investments on an ongoing basis, maintaining comprehensive control and good investment management in compliance with §18 of the Foundations Act:

The Foundation’s capital is to be managed responsibly, so that adequate attention is paid at all times to security, as well as to opportunities to earn a return that is sufficient to fulfil the Foundation’s objectives.

In compliance with the Board’s guidelines for asset management, the Foundation’s assets shall be invested in the long term in different categories of investments, e.g. shares, interest, private equity funds, hedge funds and real property. The Fritt Ord Foundation shall choose managers that are approved securities firms and subject to public oversight. The requirement applies to Norwegian as well as international players.

The Foundation will try to avoid investing in companies, unit trusts or asset management firms that engage in unethical actions or omissions, e.g. violations of basic humanitarian principles, gross violations of human rights, gross corruption or severe environmental destruction. Our asset management shall reflect international conventions such as the UN Global Compact, ILO and the OECD’s Principles of Corporate Governance.

The Fritt Ord Foundation has concluded an agreement with an independent investment adviser for help with the long-term management of the Foundation’s assets. Grieg Investor AS was chosen as Fritt Ord’s investment adviser in the spring of 2019 following a comprehensive tendering competition.

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Executive director
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