What Does Fritt Ord Fund?

The Fritt Ord Foundation is open to most forms of communication, including written publications, visual media, audio media, lectures, debates, seminars and conferences.

The decisive factor is that the activities and products must be accessible to the public, whether they have a far-reaching or a narrower target group and regardless of whether payment is involved.

We support newly written Norwegian non-fiction prose books, as well as certain translated titles. The main requirement is that they should be debate-provoking, knowledge-based, interesting books that have a place in the social debate. Most of the support provided is for the author’s work, but we also grant printing support to publishers. Subsidies for the promotion of literature in the form of debates, seminars, conferences and festivals are also important aspects of our support in this field. Many of these events take place at libraries and in houses of literature.

Journalism and media
We support journalism on a wide variety of topics that are important for the social debate and the public. Our highest priority is investigative journalism or journalism that calls for extra resources for other reasons. Local journalism and social debates in media all across the country are also important to Fritt Ord, as are criticism and reviews. We support journalism on all platforms – newspapers, magazines, journals, podcasts, radio and TV. Media debates, media conferences and media research also benefit from some funding. Fritt Ord has a separate annual grant for Norwegian journalists to study at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University in England.

Documentary film
We support Norwegian documentary films and international co-productions in which Norwegian companies play an important part. Both journalistic and artistic investigative documentaries are of interest to us. We give priority to original and innovative films made by independent production companies and directors, as well as to projects whose contents and profiles are a good fit for the current Norwegian and international social debate. Support can be given in several phases, from development to production and promotion. Film festivals are an important part of the support granted for documentaries.

Documentary photography
We support documentary photography projects, not least those in the area between press photography and art photography. It is possible to apply for support for the implementation of projects, exhibitions, festivals, other events and publications.

The arts and culture
We support the arts and culture, independent stage art productions and critical discussions revolving around pictorial art and other forms of artistic expression. We fund publications, exhibitions and discussion events involving the arts and, to a lesser extent, the production of art per se. In all instances, we look for social relevance and try to determine what importance a project may have in general and in respect of different target groups.
Debates, seminars and Conferences

We fund events in different formats whose themes are relevant to society and informative, not least when the themes are not related to any of the topics mentioned above. This refers to lectures, seminars, debates and conferences on topics related to politics, economics and social evolution. We give priority to events aimed at the general public.

Study grants
We offer grants for bachelor’s and master’s students in subjects such as journalism and media, human rights, democracy building and freedom of expression. Grants are awarded annually in cooperation with a select group of universities and university colleges.