Grants to young artists

February 7 2023

Fritt Ord announces grants earmarked for artists under the age of 35 who would like their satirical drawings to reach a wider audience.

Fritt Ord announces up to five working grants of NOK 100 000 earmarked for young artists. We invite applications from all over the country from applicants who have a command of drawing as an art form, whether they have experience of satirical drawing or not.

Deadline: Friday, 14 April 2023.

Satirical illustrations have long traditions in Norwegian newspapers. Drawing as a form of artistic expression is thriving, but satirical drawing does not seem to have found a secure niche in the transition from hard copy to online newspapers. We are seeking artists who would like to develop satirical drawing for digital formats.
The artists will receive follow up, and we will attach importance to ensuring that the drawings reach the general public. Social criticism, religion, political and financial gaps, social disparity, majority/minority, gender and climate are important catchwords. A good satirical drawing takes pokes fun at someone or something, embracing criticism and resistance. The best satirical illustrations make us look at issues and political situations through new eyes.
The artists who are selected will receive working grants of NOK 100 000, corresponding to four months of work in autumn 2023. During that time, they will be offered supervision, advice and development opportunities by experts/jury members, and the artists will work with newspapers or other media towards signing publication agreements. The artists may qualify for further grants from Fritt Ord equal to their publication fees, up to NOK 50 000 each.
A brief report will be required upon completion of the project.

We seek applicants who are either students or recent graduates.
Applications are to be accompanied by 1) a motivational description of your ambitions and the road ahead, and 2) an outline of how you envisage the publication of your satirical drawings, preferably on digital platforms. 3) Attach two to five drawings and 4) your CV.
Submit your application by email to

Jury: Artists May Linn Clement, Emil J. Ellefsen, and Bianca Boege from the Newspaper Artists’ House.
Joakim Lie and Anne-Lise Sognnes of Fritt Ord are in charge of the project. Questions? Send an email to