Free Media Awards 2023
OC Media

OC Media, an independent online news platform headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia, is one of the few media outlets dedicated to reporting on political developments throughout the entire Caucasus region, bringing together a wide range of contributors.

OC Media publishes in English on its website and reaches local audiences through partnerships with local media throughout the region. The local news outlets republish OC Media’s content in the Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian languages. This regional outlet provides a platform where critical independent views, including those that promote peace, are given voice. OC Media covers sensitive topics such as domestic abuse, the harassment of LGBTI people, and smear campaigns against those who speak out against war.

The platform reports on the significant impact that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had throughout the Caucasus region. For example, it details how men from the North Caucasus republics are being drafted for deployment in Ukraine, and how Russian migration is affecting life in Georgia and Armenia. Another important aspect is its coverage of protest movements, such as the demonstrations against the draft ‘Foreign Agents’ bill in Georgia in March 2023, which OC Media illustrated with impressive photo reports. In addition, there are reports on regions such as Abkhazia and Nakhichivan, which are otherwise underserved and receive little attention. The platform was established in 2017 by Mariam Nikuradze and Dominik Cagara.

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