Quality Journalism in a New Era (completed)

The Fritt Ord Foundation invited applications for MNOK 10 annually over three years for journalism projects, starting in 2015. The programme was entitled ‘Quality Journalism in a New Era’.

From the Press Release:

For quite some time, the Fritt Ord Foundation has had media and journalism as one of its core target areas. In the current demanding situation being experienced by the media and thereby by the general public as a whole, we want to do even more to pave the way for and support critical, meaningful high-quality journalism in several fields.

“For that reason, the Fritt Ord Foundation has allocated up to MNOK 10 annually for three years for robust projects within six high-priority fields”, states Executive Director Knut Olav Åmås of the Fritt Ord Foundation.

The six areas are:

  • Journalism on Norway’s relationship to the EU
  • Journalism on climate issues
  • Critical journalism and facilitation of debates in local communities in Norway
  • Journalism for young media users
  • Investigative journalism in fields that are not sufficiently covered
  • Project support for independent columnists with publication agreements

The projects are to target the general public. Applicants may use any publication platform, and are encouraged to be multi-medial. Any independent, editor-driven publications and publicists with Norwegian media users as their target group may apply. The applicants may be editorial boards or individuals, but all support shall go to named individuals. We are open to new forms of cooperation between several editorial boards/groups of journalists, and freelancers with publication agreements are invited to apply.

We ask that project outlines be as concrete as possible, covering 3 to 5 pages, accompanied by brief attachments containing a timetable, information about other sources of funding, an overall project budget and a list of project team members with five lines of CV information on each. Label the application “New journalism” in the title field. Applicants should use the Fritt Ord Foundation’s digital application form.

Applications will be processed continuously throughout the year.


Plastavfall fra alnabru til tyskland. foto ingeborg eliassen

A new era for investigative journalism in Norway

January 25 2024

Local and regional newspapers are now conducting the type of investigations and making discoveries that used to be expected only from major national media. How did that happen? Fritt Ord invites the public to a debate seminar at 10 a.m. on 14 February.

20230909 teaterfestivalen 4038

Norway's first journal about narratives. Reports, investigative journalism and new grants for journalism

December 5 2023

“Those of us who do not live in cities also deserve access to rich public discourse,” says Tora Hope, editor of Jaja, a new journal about narratives based in the village of Fjaler in western Norway. The student newspaper Universitas has received funding to examine the situation for freedom of expression at educational institutions, and photojournalist Nora Savosnick has been on a reporting trip to Israel and Palestine. See the new grants for journalism (list in Norwegian only).

Jahr pris

Fritt Ord Foundation Tribute to Bjørn Olav Jahr

September 5 2023

Journalist and author Bjørn Olav Jahr (54) is awarded the Freedom of Expression Foundation Tribute for thorough and persistent journalism that uncovered a miscarriage of justice in the Baneheia case, and contributed to a preliminary conviction in the Birgitte Tengs case.

Mstyslavchernovmariupol 0011

Film screening: ‘20 Days in Mariupol’ and a discussion with the director

May 26 2023

On Wednesday, 31 May 2023 at 7.00 p.m. at Vega Scene in Oslo.
Tickets: Vega Scene


Discussed Ukraine's creative resistance

December 15 2022

How can journalists, writers and artists continue to work during a brutal war of aggression? Ukrainian journalists and cultural personalities were gathered in Oslo in December to discuss this question.


The Fritt Ord Foundation allocates an additional MNOK 30 to journalism

January 6 2016

Press Release, 3 November 2014

Aviser 5yg

Extra funds for journalism in 2016

January 6 2016
The Fritt Ord Foundation invites applications for the programme ‘Quality Journalism in a New Era’. Up to 10 MNOK will be awarded annually in 2016 and 2017.