Free Media Awards 2019
CivilNet - Armenia

The Armenian media platform CivilNet played an important role during the mass protests last year by informing people inside and outside Armenia about the civil and political revolution.

CivilNet covered the mass protests through live broadcasts around the clock, and they are one of the media outlets that has followed the subsequent political developments closely.

CivilNet addresses topics that are usually ignored by mainstream media, e.g. climate and environment, women’s, minorities’ and disabled people’s rights, artistic freedom and other matters that are relevant for the younger generation. They also report from their neighbouring country Turkey, even though the national border between the two countries is closed and no diplomatic relations exist.

CivilNet publishes its news in both Armenian and English, and it has gradually become a reliable and important channel of information for the Armenian society, as well as the diaspora in the USA and European countries. That has contributed to greater international involvement in and for Armenian politics and the Armenian way of life.