Media Regulation in Russia - A Landscape Analysis of Laws and Trends

13. september 2016

This new report is a study of laws regulating online and print media in Russia. The legal framework governing Russian media has undergone substantial development in recent years – developments which have a significant impact on the way that journalists and media players in Russia are able to operate.

This report was developed as a resource to support the Perspektivy programme (a collaboration between Thomson Reuters Foundation, Fritt Ord Foundation and Robert Bosch Stiftung) that aims to strengthen professional standards and ethics in journalism and to promote collaboration between journalists in Russia and Russian speaking countries. It is also available as a resource for all journalists to better understand the legal framework in which they operate.

The research was conducted and the report written by DLA Piper Rus Limited on pro bono basis and facilitated by TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global legal pro bono programme. The report is based on a review of the evolution media legislation in Russia over the past five years and includes an overview of key trends, recent legislative developments and their implications for journalists, bloggers and media players.

Download the report here:
Media Regulation in Russia – A Landscape Analysis of Laws and Trends (pdf)